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Improve Quality

Goana enables you to make digital images of your business processes and work sheets. This will help you and your team keep track of recurring jobs and processes without missing important steps. All the important results are saved in a central location and are accessible from anywhere.


Improve Efficiency

Goana makes daily and weekly planning quick, simple and efficient. Open jobs can be viewed at the backend anytime which helps you to maximize your team’s performance and reduce downtime. Useful evaluations will make keeping track of any job easy and enable you to pass on important information to third parties.


Smart & Paperless

Welcome to your digital office. With Goana you and your team are making the most of your smartphones. Additionally, you avoid unnecessary paperwork created by filling out forms and executing reoccurring jobs, plus you are being kind to the environment!

This is how Goana works

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Efficient Daily and Weekly Planning

John owns a plumbing business and employs three plumbers. The phone rings and a customer books a job to fix a burst water pipe. John has already created and saved a job template in Goana for this kind of assignment named “fix water pipe”. John uses Goana’s daily and weekly planning page for job assignments. On Tuesday at 2pm plumber Peter has an opening in his schedule. Now John uses his template to create a job and assigns it to Peter. Peter takes care of the job and files it under ‘done’ in the Goana app. John the team leader is happy the job was finished correctly and efficiently.

  • Job templates for recurring assignments
  • Overview daily and weekly planning
  • Simple allocation of resources

Smart and Paperless

Frank a gardener receives a job from his boss on his smartphone. The Goana app gives him the address of the client. Goana navigates him directly to the customers door. Once he arrives he sees that he has to plant three rose bushes. He finishes the job and takes photos of the end result. After Frank has logged his time, the customer signs on the smartphone. Everything is done directly in the Goana app. Now Frank files the job as ‘done’.

  • Fast execution
  • No paperwork needed
  • Precise job description

Collect and Evaluate

Andrew is working on a thesis for Uni. He and his friends interview a 1000 people on the street for his survey. The answers are directly logged into Goana. The data is easy to read. No information is forgotten or lost. At the backend Andrew can analyse, filter, sort and evaluate all the data and make it available for third parties in a neat and tidy manner.

  • Complete data
  • Information is centrally recorded
  • Clear reports

Paperless Daily and Weekly Planning with Goana



Perfect for beginners
Free of charge Unlimited

2 user

(additional user CHF 20.00)

1 job template

Simple reports


Individual customized solution
CHF 199.00 per month

5 user

(additional user CHF 20.00)

Unlimited job templates

Customised reports (based on cost)

Manage contacts

Record recurring jobs

Organise user into teams